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Milad Haydarian


Milad has been in the field of Aesthetics for almost 3 years and has quickly risen to becoming an industry leader for education in the field of non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine; working with the very best this field has to offer. Milad founded the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics in 2018 and owns a chain of Aesthetic clinics in Toronto, Canada. From there, Milad went on to found the Canadain Aesthetics Expo and continues to be trendsetter and revolutionize Aesthetic Medicine trade shows with his modern ideas and visions. Prior to Aesthetic Medicine, Milad was an educator for 10 years in the field of manual therapy and always had a good eye for business. He believes his key to success is directly related to one’s mindset and when one channels their mind positively, success will surely follow. In his spare time, Milad enjoys skiing, spending time with his family, and is an avid traveler – after COVID his first planned destination is Bali, Indonesia and Capetown, South Africa.

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